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Canule monotrou fermée 22G x 38mm (1 1 -2 ”) (PRC-22038ICSH) (1 palette de 6 cartons)

Pour le remplissage cutané contrôlé

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The benefits of using Buy Canule monotrou online

Closed-loop Buy Canule monotrou online have become a popular choice worldwide, because of the lower risk of bruising, which is common to needles. The cannulae have also been treated over a large area of ​​the skin from a single injection site. This results in less trauma and an improved patient experience.

The Canule monotrou fermée

The Buy Canule monotrou online is a traditional ultra-thin cannula (UTW) cannula, providing more precision during charge administration, while providing a more controlled flow rate.

The CSH cannula has a laser-cut lateral hole to prevent bleeding.


CSH is one of our products. STERiGLIDE, it always competes with other cannulas available on the market, for an ultra-thin skin. With its internal diameter, the product is a 35% less, it is an administration.

The ultra thin wall increases the diameter of 24% for a 27G cannula and 17% for a Buy Canule monotrou online.

STERiGLIDE, CSH emerged by a dull tip less easily by the practitioner.

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