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Surgiderm 18 (2×0.8ml)
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Surgiderm 30XP (2×0.8ml)
Surgiderm 30 (2×0.8ml)


Buy Surgiderm online is ALLERGAN’s quality range of hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers. It is used to improve the appearance of many of the areas that show the signs of age, such as the forehead, eyes, cheekbones, lips, mouth, and chin.

Surgiderm 18 (2×0.8ml) is a great solution for those who want to be divided with:
– The fine wrinkles;
– Lines, cause by laughter;
– Lines, resulting from smoking;
The lateral lines.

Hyaluronic acid in Surgiderm 18 and its skin-friendly properties:
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a multifunctional, biodegradable organic substance, that maintains the elasticity and strength of the skin and bones. Its dependence on metabolic processes often leads to HA’s reduction in the body and imposes the need of further acquisition.

The hyaluronic acid formula of the 18 dermal filler makes it a preferred product by medical professionals.

Box contents:
2 x 0.8ml Buy Surgiderm online 18 syringes

Possible side effects:
– After the use of Surgiderm 18 dermal filler, short-term side effects such as redness, swelling, HA intolerance, mild pain or itching in the injection area are possible. The unpleasant feeling lasts only a few days.
– Lumps or nodules may appear at the injection site. Very rare cases of reversible colouring at the injection area have been reported. Rare cases of necrosis in the glabellar area, abscesses, granuloma, and hypersensitivity have been reported after injections of hyaluronic acid. If these reactions persist beyond a week or any other side-effects are observed you should inform your practitioner without delay.

Contraindication for Buy Surgiderm online 18 Dermal Filler:
It should not be used in:
– People who tend to develop hypertrophic scarring. People who have a hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid.
– Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.
– Children.
– You are also advised not to combine treatment with Surgiderm with laser, surface peeling, deep chemical peeling, or dermabrasion treatment during the same session.
– Allergic people and people with sensitive skin.

Do not use Surgiderm 18 in conjunction with other dermal procedures, such as invasive laser therapy and deep abrasive skin cleaning. https://dermalfillercollection.comcontact-us/

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Surgiderm 18 (2×0.8ml) x 5 Packs, Surgiderm 24 XP (2×0.8ml) x 5 Packs, Surgiderm 30XP (2×0.8ml) x 5 Packs, Surgiderm 30 (2×0.8ml) x 5 Packs

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