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Description of Buy Macrolane VRF online:
Macrolane VRF, which stands for ‘Volume Restoration Factor’, is a new product offering from Q-Med (now part of Galderma), the makers of the highly successful Restylane dermal filler range. Macrolane VRF

Macrolane uses the same patented NASHA™ (Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid) technology as Restylane to produce a thicker, more viscous hyaluronic acid gel designed to be injected into the body with long lasting results and no migration. Macrolane VRF

How long do the effects of Buy Macrolane VRF online last?
A single treatment with Macrolane can last up to 12 months. Further treatments will be required if the individual requires longer lasting effects. Macrolane VRF

Is Buy Macrolane VRF online safe?
Macrolane contains biocompatible hyaluronic acid which is naturally broken down (biodegradable) by the body. The clear gel is pure and stable with no animal derivatives.

Should be used by:
Trained members of the medical profession only. Macrolane VRF

– Only physicians who have undergone specific Macrolane training, provided by Q-Med can use Macrolane. It is important that you ask to see their training certificate to check that the physician is able to carry out your treatment. Macrolane VRF

– Ideally treatment for the breast reshaping indication should be carried out by a qualified cosmetic or plastic surgeon who has experience of traditional breast augmentation procedures and the anatomy involved, as well as having had bespoke training with Macrolane.

What are the associated side effects with Macrolane?
– Swelling and minor pain are the most common side effects experienced at the site of injection.
– Rare perioperative infections within one breast is also another effect, where symptoms include tender pain and redness. Antibiotics are usually prescribed to inhibit this risk and an assessment is usually carried out before any treatment to see if the patient has any existing skin infections. Macrolane VRF
– Capsule contraction around an implant can also occur, whereby the breasts will need to be compressed by hand by the Physician, which results in softer breasts. Other options are to burst the capsule or use gel alternatives. Macrolane VRF

What happens during treatment:
Treatment, lasting 30 – 45 minutes, involves a small 2-3mm incision in the area, (e.g., normally the crease under each breast or buttock), and the injection of the substance using a thin cannula or large gauge spinal needle deep into the subcutaneous skin layer above the muscle, under local anaesthetic. Often a course of antibiotics may be prescribed both pre and post treatment to reduce any possible risk of infection. Macrolane VRF

In the case of breast reshaping the product is placed underneath the breast tissue, much like an implant, so does not threaten the functioning of the breast in the event of future breast feeding. Macrolane VRF

– Individuals with a known hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid or an auto-immune disease.
– Pregnancy and breast feeding.
– Due to its formulation it cannot and should not however be used on areas of the face. https://dermalfillercollection.comcontact-us/

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Macrolane VRF 30 (1x10ml) x 5 Packs, Macrolane VRF 20 (1x10ml) x 5 Packs, Macrolane VRF30 (1x20ml) x 5 Packs, Macrolane VRF 20 (1x20ml) x 5 Packs, Macrolane VRF 30 – 10 ml – Hyaldirect x 5 Packs

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